Find Myself Back

This program is designed to
eradicate what has been holding you back for so long.
Heal your inner child.
Dissociate your present self from your past self.

Adopt a new mindset.
Install Your beliefs.
Create new habits of thought.
Create new patterns of action.
Develop a strategy to build the life you desire.
Find your identity back.

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Development plan

  • 3 RTT sessions (x 2 hours) - one session every two months

  • Three Bespoke recordings (to be listened to until the next session)

  • Intensive coaching program: 9 sessions (x 20 min)

  • WhatsApp support is available all week long

  • We will create a plan based on your desires and goals

  • We will develop a confidence strategy

  • Practical exercises

  • Weekly challenges

  • I'll share concrete tools and help you implement new habits and develop new neural pathways

  • I will guide you in your daily actions

  • I will support you in your struggles

  • We will closely follow your progress

  • I will keep you on the path of improvement and progress

What is RTT?

My Approach

This is how you start improving self-esteem and
You invest in what matters the most: